About Hovan Gourmet

During 1980 in The Cheese Shop located in Atlanta, Georgia- Hovaness Kabbenjian began rolling up assorted meats and cheeses in traditional Armenian Bread. They were a huge and immediate success. Responding to the demand, Hovaness created the HOVAN GOURMET concept in 1984 – serving uniquely fresh, healthy and delicious sandwich rolls to a devoted and growing clientele.

Continued Success

Since opening his first franchise in 1995, HOVAN GOURMET CAFES are now found throughout the Southeast. Designed to be attractive, easy to operate with minimum help, and a quick customer turnover, the concept was an instant success.

“Even if the palate has sampled the best international cuisine, you owe it to your taste buds to try theĀ HOVAN ROLL.”

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